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Since 1985, the Pennsylvania Independent Petroleum Producers Association has been the region’s voice for supporting small, independent gas and oil producers. The nonprofit association consists of over 350 independent producers, supply companies, industry personnel and supporters, who stand together against state legislation and regulations that would put even more serious restrictions on shallow well drilling.

PIPP main focus is “maintaining the economic feasibility of independent oil production through the influencing of current and future oil and gas regulations with the Commonwealth.”

As a producer of shallow oil and gas, we know that you’re fighting an uphill battle against the government and those opposed to domestic drilling. We understand how difficult it can be for the underdog to make it in a world dominated by Shell and BP and Chevron.  Pennsylvania Independent Petroleum Producers Association is here to help but we need your support.

Every day, more and more American citizens see only the bad side of our industry — well sites that appear “unsightly”, abandoned wells, etc. — and are crusading against it. If we can fight this attitude, the perception will change and legislation will become easier to pass for our hard-fighting representatives.

Join PIPP today and help us “Save Our Industry”.